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Saturday Morning Ride- 7:00am

Starts again on April 6th. Departs from the Lees Summit Bike Stop. Two separate groups. Group 1 is slow to moderate pace, April distance starts at approx. 20 miles and slowly builds to 60 miles by late June. Group 2 is fast paced, distance is 30 miles in April, then 35 miles through the end of the year.

Meets: Bike Stop parking lot in Lee's Summit

Tuesday Evening Ride- 6:00pm

Championships of the Universe. 38 miles of "Keep Up or Die" pace. You've been warned.

Meets: Bike Stop parking lot in Lee's Summit

Important: Bike Stop wants you to enjoy your ride.  But you should be aware that none of the rides or events listed on this website are Bike Stop events.  Anyone participating in group rides do so at their own risk.  Bike Stop is not responsible for damage, injury, or loss occurring on any group ride events.  Please make sure you and your bike equipment are in good working condition before leaving on any rides.  We at the Bike Stop encourage you to obey all traffic rules and use extreme caution at all times.