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Bicycle Fitting

Lee's Summit

Body Geometry Fit Integration Technology, or BG FIT, was developed after years of working with Dr. Andy Pruitt Ed.D., PA, of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine.  A BG FIT technician has been trained to analyze your body's flexibility, unique attributes, pedal stroke, and body position.  Most people get on a bike and adapt their body to the bike.  During the Fit process, we change the bike to fit YOUR body. 

The BG FIT procedure is a step by step process designed to make you more comfortable and efficient, while greatly reducing the chance of injury.  It has also been proven to raise power output by 10% or more !!  Measurements and adjustments are explained during the process so that you understand why/what is being done.  BG FITS are done by appointment only.  Call to schedule your time.  We FIT everyday except Wednesday and Sunday.

Basic FIT: Assessment Interview; sit bone measurement; saddle height adj; saddle fore/aft adj; handlebar height adj; handlebar fore/aft adj. 

Cost: $50**                                                                                                              

3D FIT:  Assessment interview; advanced flexibility assessment; physiological/structural assessment; sit bone measurement; dynamic saddle height adj; dynamic saddle fore/aft adj; dynamic handlebar height adj; dynamic handlebar fore/aft adj; cleat adj; footbed fitting; dynamic biomechanical hip, knee, and foot alignment; other adj as needed.                                                                                                                     

Cost: $170** (includes 2 free check-ups over next 60 days for fine tuning)

**does not include cost of parts if some are needed to create ideal FIT

Your Master BG FIT Technician: Curt Carlson

BG FIT: 2008

Masters BG FIT: 2010

Over 175 3D FITs served