Your friendly Lees Summit staff:  Low pressure is always our mantra.  We want you to get the right bike for YOU.  With so many choices, let us help you narrow it down.

Todd:  34 years in the bicycle business; yes, he started young.  Favorite riding is casual street and The Little Blue Bike trail.  Loves to help customers put together that perfect custom road bike build. 

Curt:  25 years in the bicycle business; avoiding desk jobs.  Favorite riding/racing now is gravel, but mountain biked for many years.  Masters BG FIT Tech; loves helping people get more comfortable and achieve their cycling goals thru better bike fit.  His current stable of bikes consists of a Salsa Fargo 2, Salsa El Mariachi SS, and a Salsa Cutthroat !!

Barry:  Rides to work....occasionally....on his fat bike.  Tends to get a new car/SUV every few months or so. His fleet of bikes is always changing.  Currently stabling a Salsa Blackborow, and a S-Works Allez (which only weighs 14.75 lbs)!!

Marc:  Master mechanic, Service Mgr, and resident mtn bike racer (always on the podium); Has put up with us old guys for 5 yrs now.  His extensive bike collection includes a Specialized Stumpjumper carbon SS, Specialized Crux, and a Salsa Pony Rustler!!

Adam:  Our resident "triathlete" and all-around good guy for comic relief. We've lost track of how many bikes he has. 

CJ, aka, "Windblocker": Returned last year after hammering the flat roads of FL. Loves riding at the front of the group. His tiny fleet consists of a Specialized Venge and Specialized Crux. He is also known as the Animal Whisperer.......

Mr. Fry: Always willing to share his bicycle knowledge with you. Trains cyclists year round to improve their endurance and speed. His road steed is a Specialized Venge Vias, and a Giant TCX SX for the trails and gravel.